In order to more accurately set the time on the watch. Please follow these directions. First, set the watch a few minutes ahead of what the eventual time will be. That means set the calendar and the hour, but the minutes should be a few minutes fast. Once that is done we will be in a position to more accurately set the minute and the second hand for them to be accurate and the minute hand to be over a marker and the second hand at 12:00. In order to do this one has to set the second hand to the 12:00 position and then back up the minute hand to the upcoming minute. Once the upcoming minute arrives push the crown back in. The reason for setting the minute hand backwards for the final adjustment is that it will allow you to take the slack out of the train wheels of the watch so that the wheels will begin moving immediately once the crown is pushed in. If you set the minute hand forward so that the minute hand arrives at the upcoming minute when the second hand starts there will be a delay in the minute hand moving. So, in order to more accurately set the watch, back the minute hand to one minute ahead with the second hand at the 12:00 position and press the crown in at the exact 12:00 time.

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